Planet Medic provides a platform for experienced paramedics to develop professionally and personally through rotations that support developing nations in ambulance service delivery.

What we do

Provide a platform

Planet Medic exists solely to provide a platform that supports the personal and professional development of paramedics through short term rotations that specifically support ambulance service delivery providers.

Develop Partnerships

The success of our paramedic development programs relies on maintaining collaborative partnerships with existing service providers. This collaborative approach ensures that the programs provide multiple opportunities for development whilst ensuring a high standard of pre-hospital care is provided.

Package Solutions

Our paramedic development programs focus on supporting health and emergency services that have identified difficulties with staffing, funding or providing. We turn these problems into packaged development opportunities for experienced paramedics.

Our Work

Skilled Paramedics

We develop already highly qualified and experienced paramedics to provide a better pre-hospital service.

Donated Equipment

We provide both new and refurbished ambulance and emergency equipment to support our partner operations.

Training Scholarships

We provide an opportunity to support the travel expense to Australia for a local clinician to undertake training.

Health Education

Our team provide both accredited and non-accredited training programs to paramedics, communities and schools.


Planet Medic is a paramedic platform that focuses on paramedic development through community engagement.